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Successfully Fighting Postpartum Hair Loss


Whenever hair loss happens it is an ominous occurrence, for either gender at any age. You would likely be concerned about if it happens when were in your twenties; you would still very likely be concerned about it in your forties or even in your sixties.

Men are worried about hair loss just as women are. Losing your hair is not something one would wish for and it is actively fought by many with any possible efforts and resources.
Ways of Handling Postpartum Hair Loss
Among new mothers postpartum hair loss is common and considered normal. This typically occurs right after childbirth and will persist until the child begins to walk. Some of the symptoms of postpartum hair loss are pretty astounding; with abrupt occurrences of clumps of hair falling out when brushing or left on the pillow after an evenings sleep; yet you can still take comfort in the fact that this is a temporary hardship.
Factors Involved
Everyone realizes that there is a sudden surge in hormones in the blood when pregnancy happens. Many changes in the body are because of the sudden gain in the blood flow, such as augmented breast size (as the production of milk starts to flow the hormones increase), changes in the reaction to taste, smell and requirements for food, change of skin color and so on.

This is also the period when hair is affected, although the majority of the time this is not obvious. Hair as well, responding to the increased production of hormones has less growth and falls out less, ending up in a improved more luxurious crowning glory.

After Childbirth
Nevertheless, once the child is born, there is a reduction to the normal levels that are required. At this point the situation in the body returns to pre-pregnancy levels.
With this process, hair will begin to behave in the same way that it was prior to the pregnancy occurring, when it is not uncommon to have roughly 50 strands per day fall out. The instant that the hormones were reduced, the added hair that grew throughout the pregnancy as well as the normal fall out rate or hair (but didn't because of the pregnancy) starts falling.
The scalp will not have the capability to support all the additional hair even normally speaking, because the mothers quantity of nutrients is channeled in the milk for the child. Therefore, the end result is postpartum hair loss.
Nevertheless, there is nothing to concern yourself about for postpartum hair loss. Introduce into your diet a good quantity of green leafy type of vegetables (lettuce, spinach, etc.) which will provide added strength to the hair and assist in it's regeneration. Consult a physician prior to any major changes and begin taking vitamin supplements which would help in controlling further hair loss.

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Successfully Fighting Postpartum Hair Loss


Postpartum is part of pregnancy. It is the 6 to 8 weeks after having a baby. For a new mom these weeks can be a very stressful, challenging and confusing for new moms. Read on for great postpartum stress survival tips to make this precious new mother/child transitional period less stressful, less traumatic, easier and more enjoyable for you and your new baby.

As a midwife I put a lot of thought and effort into my pregnancy and birthing experience. My first son was born at home in a birthing pool surrounded by people I loved. But none of my midwifery knowledge prepared me for the first few weeks after having a baby. For me the postpartum part of pregnancy was very stressful and physically challenging. I had a long labor and every part of my body hurt. It felt like I had been hit by a truck. I share with you some post delivery stress reducing survival tips that made the end of my second pregnancy more enjoyable.
Arrange help for the household chores: Believe me; you will be too exhausted to keep up with everything postpartum. Don't be afraid to ask for help during your pregnancy or request a home cleaning gift certificate as a great baby shower gift that can be used after having a baby.
Stock your freezer with pre-cooked meals: New moms get hungry at odd hours and it is not unusual to be too tired to cook.
Schedule chiropractic adjustments during the first week postpartum: Pregnancy and childbirth moves many of your pelvic bones out of alignment (even if you have a cesarean section birth). Use the expertise of your chiropractor to realign your pelvis, hips and back. This will definitely expedite your recovery following birth.
Have a good supply of large sanitary napkins and adult diapers in your hospital bag and at home. I am not kidding! After pregnancy new moms will experience very heavy bleeding and regular sanitary towels will not do the job. Most hospitals give new moms cheap sanitary towels postpartum. This will also save your bed linen from been destroyed.

Sleep when your baby sleeps. As a new mom postpartum be prepared to be exhausted. Take every opportunity to sleep whenever your baby sleeps.
Don't be afraid to cry (and don't worry about it). Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum results in changing levels of hormones. After childbirth there is a rapid decrease in hormones that occurs approximately on the third, fifth and tenth day. These hormone adjustments can be emotionally challenging for the mother. You may cry for no apparent reason so let it out and know this is all part of a normal pregnancy postpartum.
Supplement with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are breast-feeding safe: Every organ and system in your body is under a lot of physical stress postpartum as they attempt to return to their normal non pregnancy state. High quality vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are safe for breast-feeding will provide the foundation to prevent post delivery complications and result in an overall a better pregnancy experience.

Having a new baby is a wonderful time in a woman's life. Knowing the above plan ahead and think of ways to support yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ahead of time before you are all consumed with your new baby. I am a great believer in the good internal health of the body for optimum health and pretension of stress, sickness, disease and depression. I highly recommend all pregnant and new moms supplement with high quality vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to support the many challenges of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
Motherhood can be an extraordinary, yet exhausting experience for a woman. Pregnancy has a huge emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic side to it. The more you understand these aspects, the easier and less symptomatic your pregnancy and postpartum will be. Learning how to connect with the emotions of your new baby will allow you to enhance your postpartum experience and create a strong bond between you and your baby. It will also allow your baby to be more contented and be an easier child to manage.
If you are facing any emotional challenges after having a baby then you are not alone. Then please do not be afraid to reach out for help and seek professional support, remember you baby has picked you out of all the mothers in the world to be his or her mother. Once you have made the adjustments to motherhood, you will be a great mother!
Midwife Hannah Bajor C.N.M., M.S.N. is founder, CEO and Visionary behind the Lumalove® brand of getting pregnant, pregnancy, infertility and miscarriage educational support products and services.
Hannah says "knowing my life's purpose gives one a hug advantage". Her 30 years midwifery experience along with her personal journey through ten years of infertility, having personally experienced a 16 week miscarriage and a near death experience delivering her second child has lit a fire in her soul that NO ONE can put out and that is to "change childbirth education as we know it".
Lumalove LLC helps couples globally access new and dynamic prenatal education and in doing so lays the foundational blueprints for a happier, healthier pregnancy outcome and gives their unborn child the opportunity of unlimited potential.

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