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Postpartum Hair Loss - Dealing With the Effects


After giving birth, a woman may experience loss of hair. This condition is medically known as postpartum hair loss. If during pregnancy, the high level of estrogen improves blood and nutrients circulation in the body, thus increasing hair growth; after the delivery, the level of estrogen returns back to normal. When the estrogen level returns to normal, this is when the hair starts increasingly falling out -- instead of just the usual few strands of hair.

Fortunately for women, postpartum hair loss isn't something permanent and it is treatable. In most cases, the loss of hair will stop occurring after a few months. Just to be on the safe side, however, new mothers can take a number of ways to keep their hair healthy and intact.

To deal with the effect of postpartum hair loss, you can try to change your hairstyle. If you are previously sporting the long hair look, you can shorten it instead and give some bangs to frame the face. Making the hair shorter in the front and longer at the sides is a smart way to keep a fresh style and look to women who had just gone through pregnancy.

To keep your hair healthy and to give it a fuller look, make sure that it is conditioned and moisturized well throughout the day. This can be done by using a conditioner and moisturizer after shampooing the hair. Do not forget to choose the right conditioner and moisturizer - get products designed specifically for hair care after pregnancy. It is possible to use baby shampoos, as they are gentle enough for your hair. Further, do avoid using excessive hairstyling products - as they may contain some harsh chemicals that could further damage the hair. Avoid blow-drying the hair as well.

If you would like to disguise the thinning part of the hair, you can color your hair or change the hair parting style. For those who have dark hair, highlighting the front would do wonder for your appearance. As for those who usually part hair in the middle, consider switching to a side part hairstyle instead - this way you can camouflage the hair thinning at the temples area.

Having a straight and silky hair is a great look when you are not suffering from any hair loss problem. When it happens, it would make the loss of hair even more pronounced. Consider changing your hairstyle to a curly or wavy one.

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