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Frontal Hair Loss: What Causes It And Can It Grow Back?


You may have noticed that many men suffer with frontal hair loss (receding hairline). This loss is seen across the top of the forehead, it is easily identifiable, sometimes the hair will look extremely thin, but in some cases the can be total baldness of the frontal hair line.

Frontal hair loss is genetic, this is because of a compound called DHT is being produced in our bodies. This is produced due to hormonal imbalances. Although many believe that this is a condition that just affects men, it can also be found in women, but this is rare.

If frontal hair loss is a problem for you, you should consider a natural treatment or medication. There are many treatments and medications available, most of them can be obtained without the need for a prescription.

Some natural treatments for frontal hair loss are;
Saw palmetto, this is a natural herb and can be used to prevent hair loss, and encourage healthy strong hair.
Vitamin B group, these vitamins have many benefits for hair loss. Vitamin B can be found in foods and as a supplement.
Toupee, this is a hair piece much like a wig. Unlike the past the toupees these days are much less noticeable.
Some medications for frontal hair loss are;
Finasteride, this medication is for men. It has a 60 % success rate, and it has some side effects, such as temporary impotence and lack of sexual desire.
Minoxidil, this medication has a 60 - 70 % success rate. It promotes strong hair and encourages density. Some side effects are know such as dry flaky skin, dandruff and itchiness.
Hair implantation surgery, this is highly expensive and needs repeating throughout life.
If you notice any unwanted effects whilst taking a treatment or medication, seek medical advise and stop using the product.

If you are looking for a suitable treatment I advise you to do some light research before hand. Try to find a product that is better suited to your needs. Basically if the hair is thins try a supplement, if you are bald you may want to consider a toupee or surgery.

As I mentioned above this hair implant surgery costs a lot of money, not only that you have to have it repeated up to 10 times in your life. This seems a little extreme when there are other treatments available. But your individual needs at this point in time may be higher than others.
Before you get to the stage where you are considering hair implants I would advise that you try several of the treatments and medications on offer. Sometimes the most effective treatment is the one that you would not usually choose to use.
If you suffer with frontal hair loss, you may notice that it can occur over a lengthy time period, in extreme cases you may notice that it happens rather quickly. Because of this I recommend that you speak with your doctor or start a course of treatment or medication as soon as you notice the problem.

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