Biotin Can Prevent Post Pregnancy Hair Loss


Many women experience hair loss within the first three months after pregnancy. It's a strange occurrence but can be easily explained. When the fetus is rapidly growing it is takes a lot of vital nutrition form the mother.
As the baby grows and demands more nutrients the mother either consumes more for the baby to use, or the baby actually utilizes the nutrients that the mother has in her own system.

This occurs frequently with the essential (and very unknown vitamin) biotin. As the fetus demands more biotin, the mother begins to suffer the effects of a reduced amount of biotin.
The mother has a tendency to lose hair (either permanently or temporarily) because of a lack of biotin for several months. Biotin, which was taken for the development of the baby's nervous system had been diverted from the mother.
In fact, biotin can be easily restored (if it is accompanied by the right level of minerals). When taken through supplements, biotin can increase the the level of hair growth and increase the strength hair growth as well. A lack of biotin can have an enormous effect on the strength and growth rate of hair.
If you are interested in filling in your hair growth (due to a lack of nutrition) than I would consider taking a hair supplement that contain a mixture of vitamins to help you absorb biotin. Remember, biotin shampoos do not work as biotin cannot be absorbed through the hair or the skin. If you are looking for an effective hair vitamin, there are plenty available.

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