Postpartum Hair - Understanding and Overcoming It


During pregnancy, woman experience an array of emotional and bodily changes that can be credited to pregnancy hormones. It is with pregnancy hormones that many women seem to experience hair that grows at a much faster rate and even have hair that appear thicker. 

The problem comes when the pregnancy is over and the hormones return back to normal. It is during this time when women will enter a telogen phase (this is third part of a hair cycle where hair falls out or sheds). This phase is known to most mothers as the post partum shed. The hair of this phase normally stays on the head for about 100 days before it falls out. Post-partum hair loss often begins at around the third to fourth month after the birth of the baby and can last from a few months to a year for some women. Many times women have a feeling that they are going bald because of them getting use to the thicker hair they receive during their pregnancy.
Since hormones govern post-partum hair loss, there is no way to completely preventing it from losing excessive amounts of hair. However, there are several ways that you can curb and control the shedding as well as promote healthier hair growth rather quickly. Here are some tips:
-Make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins. These vitamins contain specific supplements that are vital to the promotion of healthier hair. Such supplements contain Biotin, Silica, Calcium, Omegas, Flaxseed Oil and Zinc.

- Stay away from heavy creams or hair masks that can clog the scalp. A healthier, cleaner scalp that produces its own natural oils is very important in growth and thickness of the new hair that is being produced.
- Use some essential oils to give yourself a scalp massage as this stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which in turn encourages the hair follicles to grow hair.
These tips and maintaining a healthy diet can help you overcome your post partum hair loss and get you right back to where you want to be.
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